The New Jersey Ministry Network is made up of men and women that serve as ministers, pastors and leaders in their local communities. Our network serves these pastors and churches by providing relational connection, ministry coaching and administrative support to the nearly 250 Assemblies of God churches and our networks 650 ministers. We want to equip our pastoral network with the Spirit-filled message of hope that inspires and encourages the heart.

Navigating today's ministry waters

Don James, Network Superintendent

Several years ago I read Leonard Sweet’s book, Aqua Church and of course found it interesting.  However, never did I realize the premise of the book would be far more pertinent for today’s church and minister than it was at the time of his writing.

In Aqua Church, Sweet did a great job outlining church history and how for hundreds of years the church followed the paths that had been laid out by those who had gone before us.  Much like those who blazed the trails across our nation in moving to new lands and territories, the church has long followed the ways, traditions, and principles of spiritual trailblazers.

But today, especially because of a post-Christian culture and now a pandemic of illness and social unrest, those paths of the past are not relevant to get where we need to go as a church… big C.

No longer can the church ride the trails of the past but now our pastors and church leaders we must wear the hat of the sailor.  See a good sailor has to navigate the ever shifting waters that lie before him.  No two waves are ever alike.  Each one is different and requires navigating with skill, expertise and a sense of true direction. 

I strongly believe Brother Sweet’s premise.  It’s why at our recent “virtual” Network Summit I shared that today’s church and ministry must insist on walking in the blessing of God.  It’s the Lord’s blessing we need more than any other thing.  Because with God’s blessing comes his divine guidance, empowerment, and revelation we need to navigate the choppy waters that lie before us. 

Therefore, I challenged each minister to make sure we are “Bless-able” by living every day with a sense of obedience, honor, and faithfulness.  When our lives are built upon these virtues, it will bring forward those things we believe God is wanting to do in the New Jersey Ministry Network.

Please be reminded, it’s God’s desire to bless our network with STABLE ministries, EXCELLING pastors, and THRIVING churches.

Happy sailing! 

Don James


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