The New Jersey Ministry Network is made up of men and women that serve as ministers, pastors and leaders in their local communities. Our network serves these pastors and churches by providing relational connection, ministry coaching and administrative support to the nearly 250 Assemblies of God churches and our networks 650 ministers. We want to equip our pastoral network with the Spirit-filled message of hope that inspires and encourages the heart.

A message from Don james, NJMN Superintendent

Dear New Jersey Ministry Family,

As I put down these words, we find ourselves in mid-May and each and every one of our churches and ministers have valiantly risen to the cause of effective ministry in the midst of one of the worst world-wide pandemics in history.

As Superintendent, I could not be more proud of the men and women of our Network who have not only employed wonderfully creative ways to keep their churches and ministries not only functioning, but growing.  

Across this entire state, we have heard some pretty amazing reports of scores of people who have not normally been a part of the Assemblies of God New Jersey family, tuning in to the various churches media platforms.

I think the most widely used word in most of our vocabulary over the last month, is the word “Zoom”.  I must have said that word 1000 times since this pandemic started.  However, Zoom meetings have allowed me to touch base with literally hundreds of our ministers.

Out of these meetings we have been asked a couple of really important questions.  Number one, "Where do we stand on the safety versus political issues we face every day”?  Number two, “Where do we go from here?”

Great questions so let me address the first one.  Since we are called by God to be first and foremost “shepherds” over our people, we should always lean toward the side of safety.  As a Network, we have done our best to comply with the guidelines our government has laid before us, but not for the sake of politics but for the sake of keeping our flock and families safe from the virus. Any guidance we have given, has always been done by keeping in mind our missional impact to our state and communities.

Number two, “Where do we go from here?”  If you had a chance to join us for the National Day of Prayer Zoom meetings, I mentioned that we see this whole relaunch or reopen strategy unfolding in three stages. That means starting with the NOW. We want to encourage every church and ministry to not wait to develop their game plan for relaunch and or reopen.  To be truly effective when the day comes for us to reopen, we will want to be ready to move into action, so now is the time to develop this plan.

I think we all realize we are also not far from the second stage which we are calling, “SOON.”  Already, we are beginning to see churches open across the country and believing the same will happen here sooner rather than later.

So, on our website, we have listed a number of different resources to help our churches think through the myriad of details it will take to implement immediate profitable ministry that you can find HERE.  Further, in the next few weeks, the Network will be providing various forums and discussion groups to help facilitate how this will all come together.  Stay tuned for details.

As for Phase three, we’re calling it the LATER.  So we will discuss that as things further develop.

Lastly, please be aware that at our Network office, we are more than conscious of some of the political discrepancies we are hearing in the media.  However, I encourage all of our churches and ministers to not be distracted or discouraged by such, but to understand that to date a wonderful job had been done in preaching the gospel, helping needy people, equipping the saints and so much more.  

Friends, this is what we are called to do, so let’s keep our eye on the target and just keep going.  Harvest is coming soon and we will see the rewards of our efforts.

Please feel free to leave a voice mail on the Network telephone and someone will get back to you in order to best assist you.

network summit rescheduled for monday, June 29th

Further, in view of the “shelter in place” guidelines, the Presbytery also felt it best to reschedule our Network Summit to Monday, June 29.  This will be a virtual one-day eventTherefore, all registration fees will be waived, even though we will need credential holders and delegates to register. Please stay tuned for emails with information on how to register. Business will be from 1:00 pm until 4:30pm. Thanks to Fountain of Life Church in Burlington, for once again hosting this event.

Please be aware the Network is in the process of releasing a number of different informational resources on the Government Stimulus Package (Payroll Protection Program *see below) which we are grateful
does include non-profits and will prove to be a wonderful financial blessing and resource for churches and ministries. The Network office can be of assistance to you in this area and the NJMN web-site also offers several additional aspects of resources.

Please know you are all loved and our prayers go out daily for every church, pastor and credential holder during this trying time.

With love and prayers,
Don James

The Payroll Protection program.

Your local bank will have begun taking applications Friday, April 3rd.

Please share this link with anyone who you think might benefit from these resources! We will be using this portal as the go-to link to share any upcoming resources and documents that may be of benefit to you.

The New Jersey Ministry Network is partnering with the Assemblies of God Credit Union to best facilitate the PPP for our Churches. You can find resources to help you in preparing for your application with the AG Credit Union in the link below, or you can directly contact us at the NJMN Finance Department to help walk you through the process at or (609) 699-2201 (option 1).

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