Abandoned But Not Forgotten

May 03, 2019

Not often do you find a person who at age 11 was abandoned by his parents, left to forage for himself and sleep on the streets of New York City. This child suffered through numerous physical beatings and experienced extreme poverty and loneliness.  Yet, his perseverance and drive to stay alive through all the hardship would produce a man of God – a man who would reach deep into the world of sports.

Meet Rev. Willie Alfonzo.   

Willie’s path to Christ came with some resistance that required Willie to believe he could overcome his drug addition, lack of education, and poverty.  Nevertheless, a co-worker saw something in Willie, with all his imperfections and issues, and cared enough to share the love of Christ with him. That is where Willie met Jesus Christ and received Him as His Savior.  

Soon Willie began to minister to youth through sports. He served at Urban Promise, Athletes in Action, and eventually became the Chaplain for the New York Yankees.  Clearly, the hand of God has been with Willie and his wife as they have journeyed together for 49 years.

Today Willie’s ministry includes the role of Campus Pastor for New Jersey Teen Challenge.  His passion is to lovingly pour into people all he has learned, and to encourage people to “keep their eyes on God.”  Despite inconceivable adversity, and the experience of abandonment, God never forgot Willie and revealed to him His plan that was from the beginning of time.  And God’s plan for Willie?

To reach the abandoned, remember the forgotten, and to bring hope to the lost, through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

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