Our Network History

From the beginning, to today, and to tomorrow

Our Beginning:

In 1954 New York and New Jersey were joined together to serve and plant churched throughout the region.  Recognizing the expanse of each state, and the need to be local, the decision was made and approved to become its own governing body, the New Jersey District Council Assemblies of God.  

A Passion to Plant Churches:

An early core value and mandate was to plant churches throughout the state.  Within the first four years of the Council’s existence, the District grew to 100 churches from 70.  Sixty-five years later this same passion and mandate is a core value to the Network. The vision and voice of our first Superintendent, Rev. Richard J. Bergstrom, is continuing to resonate in our passion to reach the lost locally and globally.    

Our Growth:

Through several Superintendents, four relocations with its present headquarters in Burlington NJ, the Network has expand to include numerous ministries that operate through five ministry divisions.  The leadership of our Divisional Directors allows each ministry to receive the direction and guidance needed to be effective and relevant in today’s culture.

Our Destiny:

People, Places, Possibilities

In 1998, Reverend Carl Colletti was elected District Superintendent with a vision to plant, stabilize, and grow the ministers and ministries of New Jersey.  Through his leadership, season management, and willingness to lead with risk, the Network grew to over 240 churches. His transition to retirement left both a legacy and opportunity to hear a new mandate from Christ.  

Through the leadership of our new Superintendent Rev. Tom Keinath, his heart is to reach the lost through the local ethno – linguistic communities that are unreached throughout New Jersey.  With the start of a new decade upon us, the time to respond to reach the lost is now. This new mandate is called Vision 2020, a comprehensive ministry initiative to reach the lost, plant churches, mentor and train our youth, release missionaries for global ministry, and attain sustainable financial resources that will fund these ministries for future generations.