Our Network Core Values


We do not apologize for our excitement over the gospel!  The good news of Christ is He is real, alive and ready to connect with each one of us on a personal level.  


For a Ministry to bear real fruit starts with real relationships.  The ability to connect, care, service and build healthy relationships with each other is the essence of John 13:35.

global mission

To grow in locally requires and demands us to plant globally.  The mission of New Ministry Network to plant vibrant and relevant churches in communities without an Assemblies of God presence.  Equal to this mandate is to release and support individuals who have a global calling to reach the lost and spread the Gospel throughout the world.  

passionate prayer

Prayer is the heart of Christ and then central to succeed in our personal walk with Him.  All we do, hope for, and work for is through prayer. The leadership at New Jersey Ministry Network is committed to pray for the vision and ministries throughout the Network.     

healthy relationships

The hallmark of a healthy relationship is its ability to replicate.  Christ told us in John 13:35 that our love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.  The Network is committed to teaching, mentoring and demonstrating the value of living a healthy relationship.

intentional relevance

To be intentional is to be deliberate to stay relevant given the cultural we live in today.  Without comprise, we live and share the Gospel through worship and message that reaches all ages and ethnic groups.